Sony Consoles

Below is a brief history of my gaming background with Sony consoles however as this is a little long you can use the following link to skip to the collections.

My history with my beloved Playstations

This I suppose is the console that really started the collecting bug for me, in early 2018 I was out and about touring the charity shops with my mum and I happened across The Simpsons Wrestling for 20p, the case was in shocking condition however the game was pretty good and so I bought it. Having no way to play it I then hunted down a Playstation 1 with a few games through Gumtree and from there I was hooked, the idea struck me how hard would it be to collect all the Playstation 1 games. I was a fan of the Playstation it being one of the consoles of my youth and so it made sense to me.

Sony have really being knocking it out of the park since their original system launch in 95 however I was a little late to the Playstation one console getting to play one in 1997 when my Uncle Rob bought one to play Resident Evil and from there I was hooked. If I remember correctly I think My mum wouldn’t/couldn’t buy me a console at the time and so I had to save the money from my paper round and trade in my SNES to get my first console.

When the Playstation 2 launched I was in higher education so couldn’t get my hands on a console as every penny I had went into getting to and from my course and to be honest I didn’t have time to spend gaming, instead I was spending my time learning and training myself up so that I could get a decent job. I did however get to play the Playstation 2 again thanks to my Uncle and I think I laid my hands on my own console sometime around late 2001 when I got my first real job.

Me and Sony parted ways at this point and I moved to Microsoft and joined the hype train that was the 360 however I did get a PS3 however it was very late in the console life cycle and I don’t remember playing or owning many games for the console, it was more of an utility buy as I wanted a Blu Ray player and it made sense to go the PS3 route as they were cheaper than a standalone player and in addition I would be able to use it for gaming.

Finally with the PS4 I remember this being a big talking point with my friends, we all wanted to join the same ecosystem so we could play together and in the end the PS4 won out, when the PS4 launched I pretty much rushed out and traded in my 360 and PS3 against it and was able to get the console with a handful of games with the value of my trades, this is a decision that I have made across a number of my consoles and one I regret as I did own some fantastic games and now I am trying to amass them again I am finding that some are as expensive if not more expensive than they were when they originally launhed.

I think at this point I have prattled on a little bit much here but I would be negligent if I didn’t at least mention the other two Playstation consoles, in the PSP and PS Vita. I’ve been a longstanding lover of mobile gaming, the ability to play something of console quality when on the train or bus was always something that really appealed to me and this translated from Nintendo’s excellent handhelds to Sony’s from the day they launched, in fact in order to get my hands on a PSP earlier (and cheaper) I actually imported my first two PSPs from Japan as they were region 2.

With the Vita I was really uncertain if it was the console for me, the games I had seen looked visually stunning however were a little lackluster however one of the team leads in my area played a lot of games and we talked on multiple occasions about the machine and long story short the day that it was released I did a 180 and decided to get one on pure impulse. While I don’t completely regret this decision the console did suffer from a number of issues, especially the lack of games, however to this day my original AMOLED console remains in my collection.

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