Take a long, hard look at yourself…

Of late I’ve been falling down the You Tube rabbit hole and watching a lot of videos where fellow game collectors have been sharing there gaming pick ups and talking about their approach to buying games.

Now I know I am fairly new to collecting, if you don’t count the three decades of playing games, but my general attitude to collecting has been to put in the leg work, hit the charity shops, work Facebook market place, Gumtree and Schpock with a side of eBay and CEX. All in all it’s a lot of work but I slow but surely picking up games to fill out my collection.

What I am seeing online though is a practice which kind of bothers me… What I am seeing is that these Youtubers are basically working the CEX trade it system by hitting a lot of the same places as me but rather than just buying what they need for their collections, they are instead buying anything and everything that trades in at higher value and using that to build up massive amounts of CEX credit…

Now part of me finds this a little annoying, I am on these groups, apps etc for hours every day/week trying to find things and when I do they are usually priced around the going rate or aren’t worth buying because by the time you’ve travelled to get them you are spending more than you could just eBay them for. That or they are completely pointless games, May Kate and Ashley I’m looking at you.

On the flip side though I do tend to buy bundles knowing that I can flip some of the games to cover some of the cost and in the past I have even managed from time to time to turn a profit.

I suppose what bothers me is people who treat collecting as a business, they’re snaffling up all the good deals not to grow their collection but to turn a profit.  Anyway that’s enough from me, will post again soon™.

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