The Predator (2018)

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we got out to the cinema, partially my fault as I’d skipped a week through feeling ill and then the following week we made it to the cinema but ended up staying in the pub as there wasn’t much to see and we wanted to save The Predator for this week.

I think I’ll start off with what The Predator did rather well, which was it didn’t take itself seriously, they paid homage to Arnie and dropped a couple of lines in to let the audience know it was part of the franchise and belonged but where possible they dropped in a joke or something to break the tension.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, that’s pretty much then end of the good points. The film suffered from what is becoming more and more of an issue with major Hollywood films these days and that is the constant dumbing down of the film to be sure that audiences remain abreast of what is going on, my favourite example of this which doesn’t spoil much, if anything, in the film is where we are shown fence with a great big sign on it saying Danger, electric fence, this point is then reiterated when you see someone attach jumper cables to the fence and then driven home when someone is electrocuted on it. I mean for fucks sake, how many times do you need to call out this thing is electrified, don’t even get me started on the fact that the electric fence is powered by jumper cables…

Other than this the film didn’t really have a great story to tell it just felt like it was setting the scene/testing the waters for the next film in the Predator series.  

Overall I’d give this 2/5 and I think that I am possibly being generous here.

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