Today marks a bit of a landmark for me, it is my, official, 15th anniversary working for the same company. I say official as I actually started there earlier as a temp but officially didn’t start until December 1st 2001.

Talking with one of my younger colleagues, about how I am ancient and have been working at the company since he was 4, got me wondering about how long that actually was so I was “forced” to do some maths… OK not forced, I actually enjoy maths.

So first of a working year is around 261 days (thanks Google) 261 * 15 = 3915 days.

Over the 15 years I received around 434 days holiday, it’s probably a lot less than this but I don’t have the data for the old holiday scheme so that gives me 3915 – 434 = 3481 days or:

  • 24,367 hours
  • 1,462,020 minutes
  • 87,721,200 seconds

Over the years I have also done a bit of overtime, both paid and unpaid, and had some sick leave again I don’t have details of these so I am discounting them as even.

When I look at it 3,481 days doesn’t seem that much time, don’t get me wrong I know it’s a lot of time, but I still remember my first day 15 years ago,arriving for my first office job 2 hours early because I was so keen and over the years trying to maintain that same enthusiasm in each new role I got to experience. In the last 15 years I’ve had the honour of working with some great people and have survived working with others, and look forward to the next 15 years or my career especially my next milestone which I think will be in around 3 years when I will have worked for the same company for half my life!

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