Toys to Life

I’ve not really had much interest in the Toy’s to Life market since their introduction in the early 2000’s. If I am honest they just didn’t appeal to me as it seemed like a bit of a con, you spend £40-50 on a game and then to truly unlock all the content of the game you had to spend an extra £5-20 on an accessory which unlocks an extra character or two. Worse still is the amount of them, Disney Infinity for example has over 100 characters and over 200 power disks. Making it quite the expensive game to play.

Now I do know I am being a little harsh here because you don’t actually need them to play the game and of those that you buy some do actually add extra content such as new levels AND the figures themselves are usually quite nicely made and make nice collectables however it does still leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Now the bottom appears to have fallen out of the Toys to Life market however I am starting to find the figures at a much more appealing price point (around £1 each) and as such I have started collecting the Infinity figures. I may look at some of the other Toys to Live stuff in the future, like Skylanders or Lego Dimensions however for now I am not actively pursuing them.

View my Disney Infinity collection.