A Long time ago, on a mobile phone far away #10

Many years ago, on a mobile not so far away we pretty much experienced the phenomenon that was Angry birds in one shape or another. For me I got into the original game but by the time the spin offs were landing I had pretty much reached my limit with the game. So when it came to finding a pallet cleanser to get me from the Witcher to my next games I wasn’t sure what I wanted to play so I decided to watch some TV and have something handheld on the go in the form of Angry Birds Star Wars.

Having had a background knowledge of the game mechanics definitely helped however the controls for the game as a console game left a little to be desired, the touch controls on the rear of the system using the touchpad were sucky at best and the thumb stick on the Vita isn’t the best in general so when using it to launch the birds I found it a bit awkward.

The game itself however was a pretty easy completion and the levels did get harder and harder as you progressed through the stages, some which were infuriatingly so. I tried not to use a guide and for the most part was successful however there were 2 or 3 stages which really got annoying and so I had to resort to using one.

I didn’t get 3 stars on all stages, nor did I platinum the game moreover I don’t think I’d go back for either of those accolades, with a guide I am sure it would be possible however I am happy enough with the completion and moving onto the next title.

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