All Rise #15

For the longest time now I have wanted to get into the Tales of franchise, the games are widely loved for being fantastic RPGs however I haven’t had chance, or more accurately made time, to play one. This was something that Chillie had been pestering me to remedy and so I decided to dive into Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise box art

Having taken a week off to get my car sorted I decided to dive into an RPG knowing I’d be without a car for a day or two however that didn’t come off so I ended up with a week off to play it. I’d heard really good things about this game and was looking forward to it however having spoken with a friend who was playing it while we were speaking I was a little concerned that it would get a little grindy, and while it did in parts, for the most part it was fairly straight forward.

I think if I’d have just followed the main storyline I would have really struggled with the boss fights and by the end of the game I would have been massively under levelled however this not being my first rodeo I went into the game knowing that I wanted to get the platinum trophy so I was going to complete all the side quests and by proxy experience all the content in the game and as such was near level 70 when I got to the end.

One aspect of the game that I really appreciated was the story telling, almost all of the conversation in the game is voice acted, and done very well. Through this each of the characters is built up and well rounded, you get to know their hopes and dreams and see the relationships between them grow and blossom and by the end I’d gone through over 300 voiced scenes on top of the main quest which really bonded me to the characters.

The combat in the game is real time and not turn based as I would normally prefer however it again worked really well, the combat did revolve around other party members abilities such as the ability of Rinwell to counter enemy spells, by utilising these you were able to weaken enemies considerably faster which allowed you to defeat them more easily.

I chose to go with AI controlled party members as I didn’t fancy swapping between the party constantly in combat, this was for the most part ok but the AI was stupid and would stand in AOEs or run into attacks like dumbasses.

The final annoyance, although turned into a godsend for the level 100 grind, was that the character you controlled would start being AI controlled if you didn’t press anything on the controller for a second or two, so when I was awaiting my skills to recharge the character would occasionally run off randomly which was annoying at times.

I really enjoyed this RPG and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a medium length RPG which has a strong story and decent battle system.

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