And so the 52 game challenge begins #1

Last year I heard that a few of the people I watch on YouTube were taking part in a challenge to complete 52 games or on average 1 game a week, unfortunately I heard about this a little late in the year so I didn’t feel there was time enough to catch up so I committed to taking part this year and seeing how I got on. The first game I completed this year technically started in 2021 but I am going to count it as it was completed then and the challenge is to complete 52 games not start them 😉.

Chrono Trigger box art

So for a long while now I have wanted to give Chrono Trigger a go as I’ve heard that it is a quality title and Square Enix at its finest however being a picky bugger I wanted to play the game as it was intended to be, unfortunately there was no PAL release of the SNES or PS1 versions of the game which left the DS version which wasn’t cheap however I did manage to find a complete copy while I had a CeX voucher in hand.

What can I say about this game that hasn’t been said before… well, nothing. This game is hailed as one of the best turn based RPGs out there and I have to agree, the story follows Chrono and his allies as they travel in time to stop a great cataclysm which would otherwise destroy their world.

The story telling in the game is fantastic and while some of the battles are tough they are fair. The characters are well rounded and while they have a lot of the usual RPG hero elements to them each one adds something to the party allowing you to play the game the way you want to. I can really see why this game is loved and gets the praise it does. Who know maybe it will get a modern remake as the Mana games have had in recent years.

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