And then cometh the storm #21

Following fast on the heels of Life is Strange – Before the Storm had to come the sequel, Life is Strange.

Life is Strange Box art

It kind of had to be be done, as soon as I had finished the first game I knew I wouldn’t be content unless I could see what the deal was with Rachel Amber and her funky powers and follow up on the love story between her and Chloe Price, boy was I in for some disappointment!

OK so for me to have a moan about what went down there are going to have to be spoilers in this one, but as I double many, if any, people actually read these fuck it, they’re more for me to put down my thoughts on the 52 game challenge games so who am I going to upset…

Warning out of the way, I was so disappointed with this game, well at least the first 3 chapters, the game didn’t have the great story telling of the first game and there was no Rachel. She was just missing, and as much as I liked Max by the end of the game I was all about the Rachel/Chloe love story and it just didn’t feel the same with Max.

That being said by chapter 4 the story really did pick up and there were some moments where I was full on stuck in “What the fuck” mode as pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place and when I hit chapter 5 I was all in.

Again, as with before the storm, the gameplay was very much decision/consequence based but this time with the added twist that Max has the ability to rewind time and it can be used to learn things, go back and use those things to progress the story or to completely change the outcome of a conversation, i.e. if you piss someone off you can just go back and try again. It’s quite an interesting concept especially for a game which focuses on the decisions you make driving the narrative but does feel a little trying at times when you have to do it over and over to get through part of the game.

I am sort of on the fence about this one, I did enjoy parts of it, especially the final couple of chapters but I wasn’t as into this one as I was with the prequel.

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