Back to school #26

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these for a number of reasons but ultimately I think I have given up on hitting the 52 games this year, I’ll still be playing the games and trying to complete them but I haven’t had the fucks to give but that’s a story for another time… Continuing with the games I have played this year, I have gone back in time to a classic RPG.

Final Fantasy 8 Box Art

Typically I find that this entry into the Final Fantasy franchise is one that really splits fans, some love it but equally some people really hate it, I personally am sort of on the fence with it, there are parts that I really want to love and parts I absolutely hate. The pros for me are that the game is a solid RPG, the turn based combat, the characters, the story are all brilliant and the card game, oh the card game. I spent many many hours setting up the rules for triple triad and completing the deck.

Unfortunately there is one draw back which I find really bugged me in the draw system, unlike previous games you don’t learn or find magic instead you draw it from enemies and draw points however in doing so you get the ability to junction it to your stats to make your characters stronger and this means that for me that when I encounter an enemy with new magic I would sit there are draw 100 (the max) of each for each character so that I can be as powerful as possible as I progressed through the game.

All in all I really enjoyed re-visiting this classic, the Rhiona/Squall pairing is great and while there are some definite issues in the story like how everyone grew up in the same orphanage and don’t remember one another for starters the game itself is still enjoyable all these years on.

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