Before the rain fell #20

Another game that Andrew (Chillie) has been harping on for some time about has finally made it’s way into the console as Beth from my local CeX has been also telling me I need to play it so we can talk about it. It should also enable me to pull back some of the lost time playing longer/more difficult games, and so I went to Life is Strange – Before the Storm.

Life is strange - Before the storm box

Honestly I had very little knowledge of this game beyond that it was an episodic game and published by Square Enix which to be fair was enough for me to know it was worth having and I was also lucky enough to find a copy of this and the first games collectors editions for a decent price in my hunt to buy more and more plastic tat.

Overall I absolutely hella loved this game, Chloe was such a relatable character, which is an odd thing for a near 40 year old man to say, but I could relate to her hopes and dreams and from very early on in the game became very attached to the character. Reading her journal felt a little creepy but it also served as a great way to deepen that bond to the character.

As I progressed through the game I again grew to appreciate the connection between her and the love interest Rachel, although I think if I had played the game differently I could have maybe steered her towards Eliot however by the end of the game I was very happy I didn’t, and no not just because it meant pushing her down the gay route but because he was seriously messed up.

Gameplay wise the game is a decision/consequence game where you are working through a story making choices in a similar way to the Telltale games and based on what you do the story changes and adapts to what you have decided.

This is a game that I really couldn’t put down and while I don’t know if I’d go back to it, it’s definitely a game I enjoyed and can’t wait to get onto the sequel which I believe game before it and spawned the need for this prequel.

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