Birds of a feather #32

Fast (ish) on the back of finishing Quackshot I decided to try my hand at and NES game that has been on the file of games to play for a while and keeps with the duck theme.

Darkwing Duck NES box art

He is the terror that flaps in the night, he is Darkwing Duck! So this has a few things going for it:

  1. It is a Disney Franchise
  2. It’s a Capcom game
  3. It’s a NES game so it won’t be easy
  4. The cartoon was brilliant

As with the last game this took some playing, having failed a few times I got the first set of three stages and the bosses and enemies down however the second set would just kick my ass. In the end I watched a couple of people playing the levels and got a feel for how to get through the enemies and once I had that I was able to get to the final stage and eventually beat the game.

I have to admit that the game was definitely NES hard but if you got the patterns down you could get through and while you were at it you were treated to some really good music which was something that had stuck with me all these years.

Really happy to add this to the completed games for 2022 and it leaves me with 20 games to go with around 10 weeks to go – rut ro!

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