Dawn has finally come #3

So now I am started to get a wiggle on with the 52 game challenge in 2022 I was put in a bit of a bind by my cousin with a game he’d started and insisted that I do the same to see if I’d make the same choices as him, that game was Until Dawn.

Until Dawn Box are

With such an amazing cast behind it I was kind of interested to give this a go at some point, with everyone’s favourite cheerleader Hayden Panettiere and Freddie Mercury himself Rami Malek taking lead roles in what was a great story it had so much going for it however I really have to say I struggled with this game as the horror suspense aspect of the game had me on edge throughout.

The game follows a fairly linear story however as you go through it you make choices which in turn result in the death or survival of the cast of the game, the best ending to which I am guessing is one where everyone lives however I wasn’t that good. I made it through with just 2 deaths but I am not sure how I could have saved either of them.

In retrospect, the game was really good but at the time I felt I was just going through the motions and completing the game just because I started it.

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