Full of Heart # 35

Next up on the chopping block is game I wanted to play but hadn’t given the time to until my cousin told me he was playing it and I should give it a go as he was enjoying it, knowing my brother also enjoyed this growing up as he played the PS2 version and I enjoyed the 3rd installment in the main franchise, I decided to try my arm at Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts box art

Knowing what I know of the Kingdom Hearts franchise I was looking forward to playing this but as always I kept avoiding it as the version I have is “The story so far” which includes not just Kingdom Hearts but around 10 other games in the franchise which is quite the time investment. That said I did enjoy number 3 so why not just try the first one and see how it goes, just like Devil May Cry I can always take a step away if I start to feel a little swamped with the amount of Kingdom Hearts I am playing.

Kingdom Hearts is a action RPG set in the worlds of both Disney and Square Enix, as such you find yourself interacting with characters from both universes, Disney is more prevalent as you are travelling from one Disney world to another, but there is a good smattering of Final Fantasy in there too. In the first game you find yourself visiting the worlds of Hercules, Nightmare before Christmas and Jungle Book to name but a few and in each world you visit there is a lot to do and you usually get to pair off with the main character from that universe and do some adventuring.

I have to say I am a fan of the hack n slash style action RPG and this didn’t let down, there were a few fights where the controls were god awful and the fights were extremely difficult however if you tried again and got into the swing of the fights you were able to get through them, although some of the early fights were a lot less forgiving with a real need for items. There were also a couple of fights like the giant Ursula and the final boss which were punishingly hard, the latter as it takes the form of 4 back to back bosses and I forgot to change the items I was carrying so I only had HP items and was running out of mana constantly which prevented me from shielding from damage.

Overall the worlds felt a little small, I’d have loved more time in each of the worlds and the opportunity to interact with more of the characters in the universes, especially Hercules, but I am guessing that was a common feeling in the older games as in #3 you get back to Olympus and get some proper adventuring done with Herc.

Having started to make some progress with the game, clearing the first worlds I really caught the bug with this one and wanted to keep playing it more and more and had to force myself to turn it off at bed time lest I stay up all night and try to power through.

The only real negative for me was the gummi ship battles, in essence to travel between worlds you have to play a mini game shmup however it is a very involved system where you can design and build your own ships each with different weapons etc but in order to do well at this you need to build your own ship which means using Lego like blocks to build a 3D representation of the ship however the system to do this is clunky as hell, for me I think I’d have preferred the game to just have different ships you can find the blueprints for by completing objectives and then configure the load out of the ships to meet your needs.

That out of my system I did really enjoy the game and the story was great and added a lot of context to what I already knew from playing #3 and I am looking forward to getting to Kingdom Hearts 2 although I am probably going to travel through the other games in franchise based on the play order on the Square Website.

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