Golf on my lonesome #4

So a few nights ago Big Game Al invited me to an after party where myself and a few others got together and had a chat, something I feel we are doing less and less of late, which is a real shame as I did enjoy getting together and chatting with the other tubers. Anyway while chatting Scott, Glory Hunter, was playing Golf With Friends and as he was talking about it I decided that I would give it a look as my next game.

Golf with friends cover art

Throughout the years I have enjoyed the odd golf game here or there, from the more fun games like Everybody’s Golf to the more serious ones like Tiger Woods PGA Tour and even the more daft ones like the recent Mario Golf on the Switch but with all them I don’t think I’ve seen many mini golf games which is a real shame because this one is actually really fun.

There are a good variety of courses to choose from as well as a number of tricky elements to each course to keep the game challenging. There are some really, really annoying parts of the game and a few controller throwing moments where I was close to finishing under par and then one hole would go horribly wrong and I would drop half a dozen shots.

I think the best part of this would be in the multiplayer aspect of it however I played through the courses on my own and was just happy to have the downtime between titles.

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