Guardians of the Freaking Galaxy #12

I have finally managed to get around to and complete Guardians of the Galaxy on the PS5 and wow what a fantastic game it was.

Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 Box

The story was fantastic as was the backing track to the game. I especially appreciated Mantis and Cosmo as stand out characters in the game and their interactions with the guardians were the stand out points in the game for me.  Towards the end of the game I really struggled putting it down and thinking I was near the end of the game on Monday I ended up staying up till 2am in the hope I would finish it. To be fair I wasn’t that far out I only had 2 chapters and a bonus boss to take down.

Having finished it I ended up with most of the trophies, having only missed 1 costume and a couple of combat goals so I spent an extra few hours finishing it off and getting the platinum as I like to with games that I have really enjoyed (and that it’s feasible to do so on). 

The next challenge will be deciding what to play next…

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