He’s so fluffy #34

Once again into the breach and on the PS5 too for a change. I started this game what feels like an age ago and I ended up putting it down as I wasn’t really in a gaming place but then finding a little motivation by playing, and finishing, a couple of NES classics I picked this back up and finished my adventures with Treeco.

Last guardian box art

When I looked at The Last Guardian on the shelf in stores I thought that it did look interesting and was expecting it to be in a similar vein to ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, however having not played either of these I am not 100% where that thought come from. Possibly I was thinking it was a remake like those games and not a game in it’s own rights.

Within the first 10-15 mins of playing the game I have to say I was in love with the “creature” Treeco. Treeco is absolutely amazing, in appearance he appears like an amalgamation of a dog, in the face, a bird, with a beak like mouth and having feathers and wings but also like a cat with his tail and the way he hunts and plays. While this may sound bizarre it really works well.

You play as a boy who wakes up next to Treeco but doesn’t know why he is there, he isn’t named through the story but as you progress you he narrates his journey and gives hints and tips on what’s going on. You form a fast bond with Treeco helping him by removing spears stuck in him and he helps you in turn carrying you place to place, catching you when you fall etc.

There were times when the game play is infuriating especially when you are trying to get Treeco to go to the right place for the most part it is very fun, there is little in the way of combat, after all you are a child, instead the combat is mostly Treeco going to town and you staying out of dodge. The majority of what you have to do is solve puzzles and traverse the terrain enabling you are Treeco to get to to the next area.

While it took me a long time to get through this, it was done in a few plays split by quite some time however looking at the trophies, as I do, there is one for completing the game in less than 5 hours so I would think that if you get good you can clear it pretty fast however for me I was looking for all the secrets (and still missed a couple) but managed to do it in less than 15 hours (based on the trophy I earned).

The final thought I have on this is one where I feel there was a missed opportunity in the ending which felt a little lame after all you had gone through, the post credit scene added some context and took the worse edge away from the ending but I wanted more from it given the bond formed between boy and creature.

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