Hollow no more #18

Another game bites the dust and this is one that I’ve been looking forward to playing but as always I’ve not given myself the time to play through it.

Hollow Knight Box

Hollow Knight is a meroidvania style game where you play as the afore mentioned Hollow Knight armed with just a rusty nail you travel through the world fighting off enemies all the while unlocking new abilities which allow you into other areas and so on and so forth.

There were times I wanted to full on range quit as the game offers little in the way of guidance on where to go and when you die you turn into a shade, if have to kill the shade to recover your things but if you don’t make it back or die on route you lose the lot which early game happend a lot to me because I suck and because I was going to the wrong places so I was encountering tough areas or bosses I couldn’t take.

After a while I gave up on trying to figure it out for myself and went at it with a guide which made it much more straight forward and while it made the path easier to traverse by telling me where to go the challenge remained that knowing where to go was half the battle, probably less if I am honest.

Some of the platforming was truly infuriating and the boss fights were infuriating and really made me wish I had one of these so I could vent my spleen by throwing the controller with all my might at the wall or TV when it felt that progress was next to impossible but after the better part of 3 weeks and over 45 hours I managed to get through the game and by the end I really enjoyed it and had a sense of satisfaction at what felt like an epic journey.

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