Humanity beware #14

Coming off the back of the last few games I started feeling that I was burning out and so I stopped playing games for the last week and half or so but having had a bit of a break I felt like I was ready to jump in and get myself lost in another game, that game is Destroy All Humans, a franchise I have heard a lot about but never actually played.

Destroy all humans box art

As I have said with other titles I was interested to see what this franchise had to offer, I believe that it got it’s start on the PS2 and has had games on consoles in pretty much every generation since, so how I have missed them completely is a mystery to me however the game plays really well.

You take on the role of Crypto, a member of a race of aliens called the Fureon, his previous clone was accidentally shot down by humans on Earth and you are sent to “look into it”. The story goes that the Fureon race are all clones and similarly to the Asguard in Stargate SG1 the cloning process is starting to fail and the race could well die out however on Earth the humans have in there DNA pure Fureon DNA which will allow the aliens to resolve their issue.

The game is 3D action platformer where you run and gun down the humans down, harvest brain meats and generally wreak havoc on the human race. There are a few different mission types ranging from simple run around shooting people, flying your spaceship and again destroy everyone and thing, stealth missions, survival missions to name a few.

Some of the levels are pretty hard and infuriatingly so in some cases but all in all it was a really fun game if a little short. I was able to complete the main storyline inside 5 – 10 hours and while there is some replay value in the stages where bonus missions are added but for me I was content having experienced the story.

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