I am still the night #8

Follow finishing the Telltale Batman game back at the start of the year, I have decided to move onto the second game and see how this one plays out.

Batman, The Enemy Within box art

The first Batman game I played through this year was truly enjoyable and I am grateful to Chillie for letting me know that the games are all playable to their completion as my big concern when I have come to buy them is that the later chapters are not included, especially when they are marked up as episode 1 only in CeX.

Right from the off it was pretty cool that all my decisions in the first game carried forth into the second game, it’s something that has been done before with other games I know but it felt good that when the game started that Alfred was still messed up based on my poor decisions at the end of the last game and that everyone treated me based on those same decisions.

The game itself, as the first did, had a great story, although I didn’t feel that the decisions really made too much impact upon it, well outside maybe one or two of them. The puzzles too were a bit weak for a game which starts off with the Riddler being the main protagonist but even this was a minor thing when you put the storyline alongside it as the story itself was great and featured my own favourite villains, Harley Quinn.

It truly is a great shame that Telltale games went under and I hope their new owners pick up the the series and keep it going.

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