I am the night! #2

For the longest time I wanted to get into the Telltale games but a big bugbear of mine was that the physical releases tend to be chapter 1 only on the disc and the rest of chapters are download only. While not a bad thing in principle, with Telltale going under and advice I have received in stores that the other chapters are still available but at a cost. However Chillie advised me this wasn’t the case and so I took the plunge and purchased a few titles, including this one.

Batman - Telltale cover art

Having only played a couple of the Telltale games up to this point I was fairly sure of what to expect but the few I’ve played have been pretty unique in there composition so I could be in for a surprise. The Batman Game was very similar to Minecraft Story Mode in a lot of ways which gave me the ability to just sit down and get right into it.

I have to say I really enjoyed the game and while the choices didn’t seem to make too much difference to the overall outcome of story, each did feel like they impacted the interactions with the various cast members such as pursuing a romantic relationship with Catwoman or alienating allies.

The one issue I have with the game is that it was a bit too easy to get the trophies and in fact by completing the game you will get the platinum guaranteed. Whilst I can understand the replay-ability of the game is minimal it would have been nice for a second or third story arc and endings so that you have a reason to play through again.

While short and easy I did really enjoy this title and am looking forward to the second game and looking into more of the Telltale games.

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