I want to be the very best… #37

If you know me you know that I love my Pokemon games, I own pretty much every iteration of the games from the originals through to the modern ones so when a new games was announced it was given that I would buy it and drop whatever I was playing in order to complete it.

Pokemon Violet box art

I actually got both Scarlet and Violet and so was a little spoilt for choice when it came to choosing which to pay through first, but ultimately I ended up going with Violet as I preferred the legendary that you got on that version, although both were a little derpy if I am honest.

My honest thoughts on this version of the game in a nutshell is simply that it is a good addition to the franchise however it was released about 2 months early.

The game itself has a lot of improvements from graphical enhancements which make some of the Pokemon phenomenal and while the sound was nothing to write home about it was as good as ever. I loved the ability to see the Pokemon in the overworld which we got with Eevee and Pikachu so I was please to see that make a reappearance in this game although it would have been nice to make the Pokemon a little bigger as I struggled in handheld mode to see what I was encountering until the fight started.

The battles were much of a muchness as you’d expect with a Pokemon game however with this being a new generation it was occasionally difficult with the typings to know what to use skillwise at the start and the new bases and herb hunting/titan pokemon side quests were fun to do aswell as the gyms, albeit I think I prefer the old gyms where you had to solve a puzzle in the room and encounter other trainers rather than this one where there were less trainers and more gimacy things.

The bad side of this game is pretty much as I said early on in this post, the game was about 2 months away from done in my opinion, there were a number of graphical issues where you could see through the floor, the water platforms weren’t present until you swapped pokemon, you could fall off various elements and get stuck, the game itself would actually crash! to name but a few and had we not been up against Christmas I think Nintendo would have waited to launch the game. Maybe the dev team were confident that a day one patch would solve most of it or they were determined to be on the shelves for Christmas but being a tester myself I can tell you quality counts and if you look online there are a lot of people complaining about the game because of the issues it has.

Overall I was personally happy with the game, yes it could have been better but I feel that when I come to my Scarlet playthrough next year that the game will have been patched and will work perfectly.

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