Inter… what #23

Next on the chopping block is a game which may not actually count towards the 52 game challenge, more so than Golf with Friends as it is just DLC for a game that I have already completed, Final Fantasy VII Remake – Intergrade.

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Art

So the rational behind the inclusion of this one is simply I am behind with the 52 games and it’s as much my challenge than anything so I am including it… so there!

I’ve fancied trying this expansion content since it was launched and while I bought it the first chance I got I just kept finding excuses not to play it. I think because I didn’t want it to be over and I wanted the content to be ready for me to guide me into part 2 however I finally manned up and got into the content.

First let me gripe about something then I’ll get onto the gameplay. So the first thing I hit was a wall in actually playing the content, looking online all the advice was just press the R2 button on the title screen and away you go however this did fuck all, after a while I figured that you have to install the PS5 free update to play the intergrade content. I was thankfully onto a winner until I found my saves were missing, so then I had to migrate those, one by one, to the PS5 version. When complete I was then able to launch the Intergrade content and get into the actual game.

The expansion takes place during the events of the first part of the remake with Yuffie, one of my favourite characters in the original, heading to Sector 7 to meet up with Avalanche and take the fight to Shinra. I am guessing the content is aimed towards people who have recently played or completed the base game as you start at level 25 and the enemies are quite tough, especially a pair of wolves you encounter towards the end of the first area which killed me, a lot.

As the story progresses you have a few missions to complete in the sector 7 slums which proves quite fun, especially as you team up with a fellow Wutai-ian. You are also given the opportunity to take on Rahmun, who me and my brother referred to as the ‘taste the rainbow’ guy from the skittles advert. Rahmun is absolute nails solo and not much better when you team up but after a little bit of levelling up and clearing of content it becomes achievable.

You also get to play the new version of Fort Condor, the developers have taken the old area you would visit at key points in the game and play a mini tower defence game and made it into a portable game that characters within the world are playing akin to Triple Triad, you get to play against some randoms but for the most part you play against a lot of the subcast in the game, including the love of my life, Jessie.

Chapter one has you getting used to the game and completing side missions leading to a boss fight so you can get used to the game and part two takes you into the Shinra HQ where you are seeking their new Materia and focuses quite heavily on Scarlet.

Graphically it was quite beautiful, as the remake was, and the gameplay was really fun if not a little challenging having not played the game since my initial completion of the remake. The combat was a lot harder to get into the flow of by comparison especially as Yuffi’s combat is a hybrid between mele and ranged. Overall I really enjoyed the content and hope we get to see more of Yuffie in the second part of the remake.

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