Iron From Ice #19

Was it just the greatest show on TV or does the success of the George RR Martin franchise translate well to video game format? Having played through it, I am able to render my thoughts on the Telltale season 1 outing of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones PS4 box

This was a game that I kept forgetting that I owned and until I took to the shelves looking for the next game to play I had no idea that it was there or that I had picked it up. That said with it being a Telltale game I was fairly sure I knew what I was getting myself in for and ultimately I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The game follows the Forester house and their various family members who are positioned around the kingdoms of Westeros and Essos, starting at the events of the red wedding and working out from there. Story wise I was really impressed for the most part, it felt a lot like the books with the jumping from one characters story to the other adding context and containing the multiple threaded approach I enjoyed in the books. The sad thing for me is that no matter how I decided to approach the story, usually going loyal and true, it just didn’t pan out for me, as you would expect with Game of Thrones there was plenty of death and dismemberment to go around. That said I stuck to my guns even if it resulted it every getting it at the end.

I also enjoyed the tie in with the TV show, using the theme and a similar introduction to the show with the mechanically moving diorama. At the start of each episode as the theme kicked in I felt a little rush, like I was about to watch a new episode of the show.

The game is broken down into 6 chapters, 5 are on the disc with the last being a download which I am assuming is because that wasn’t available at launch however it is still possible to download at the time of posting which is well after Telltale games wrapped up and closed their doors, so as I have said with the other Telltale games, don’t let the fact that it purports to be episode 1 only put you off, for now at least, you can access the full game.

The only downside I can see to this game is in the few interactions that you have with the main case members of Game of Thrones, going into it knowing that say Ramsey bolton is still alive for the battle of the bastards means that when you encounter him and get the chance to attack/kill him you know doing so won’t end well for you as he’s destined to survive. Other than that it was a pretty good game and one I’d consider playing again to try and get through with more of the Foresters alive as I think I killed more than I saved.

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