Little or big, make your mind up #7

Another title that I have been looking to get onto for a while now is Little Big Planet but again there is a pretty big back catalogue of titles available on the PS3 and PS4 so where to start seems to be the biggest question, there is an obvious decision with the first title but with there being 6 games in the franchise it makes getting into the franchise a bit of an undertaking and a massive time commitment. For this reason I made my start with the newest entry Sackboy, A Big Adventure.

Sackboy, a big adventure box art

Going into this I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard these were platformers but didn’t know much beyond that. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, the games were really fun platformers and while the controls could be a little annoying the stages were pretty fair and the game would let you continue if you did die.

There is plenty of variation in the stages, for the most part they are simple get to the end but there are some which are chase stages where the screen is chasing you and if it catches you, you die and there is a collection of challenge stages which you can again earn collectables but also compete against your friends. In addition to all of this there are some co-op stages which I didn’t get to play through as I was playing the game on my own which is a shame as I expect they would have been fun too.

I feel there is plenty of replayability in the game as there are costumes and other collectables in each stage and if you clear each stage perfectly there are a few bonus stages at the end of the game which you can complete.

The final thing that really stood out to me was the music, there were several stages with tracks I recognised and I am sure there were more that that I didn’t given I am not in touch with the current popular music but I did recognise Uptown Funk and Toxic, and am a little embarrassed to say I did sing along too.

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