Lost in a dungeon of my own making #17

I spotted this on in Game a while ago and really really fancied it, I hadn’t heard about it from friends or seen anything online, what drew me to it was the mention of chickens and dungeons in title.

Dungeon of Naheulbeuk box

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is a bit of an oddity for me, time and time again I saw it in game and never did it reduce in price then one week I went in and it had been dropped to £30 and I was on it like a tramp on chips. Having only the text on the back of the box to go by it screamed buy me.

The game is a dungeon crawler based in a fantasy world where you play as a team of adventurers exploring a dungeon, the party is made up of your usual types, ranger, barbarian, thief, wizard etc and has some racial coverage too with the usual fantasy races having representation of Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves etc the major downside however is that you don’t actually choose them, the characters are preset.

The game is voice acted for the most part but there are a few parts where the chat isn’t acted this does add to the charm of the game, there is also a narrator who introduces and closes chapters of the game and the game has a quirky sense of humour which comes through as you play the game.

Gameplay wise the game is a tactical RPG in the spirit of Final Fantasy Tactics, XCOM and Vandal Hearts and with that in mind you’d think this was going to be a home run, fantasy RPG, tactics combat and comical story but I just couldn’t make it work, I don’t know why either maybe I’d hyped it up in my head or I was a little distracted but either way I felt like I was just going through the motions.

The combat was tricky but as with these games when you think through the problem you can work out how to make it work, there was some wicked RNG in the game where you can just go on a horrible losing streak because you critically fail and hurt or kill yourself and it seems very one sided as the enemy doesn’t seem to fail nearly as much. It also isn’t really possible to power level as there aren’t any random encounters, you can do side quests to get more powerful and but for the most part gear seemed to make the most difference.

Overall a disappointing title but one I’d like to give another try in the future to see if I can get on with it.

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