As I’ve posted about recently I am currently trying to learn C# by making games using the Unity engine.
This has been quite an experience and I would like to share some of the games I have made with people for feedback and hopefully their enjoyment.

The Tower – This is a experiment I set myself having learnt only a little of what I could do with unity I set about making a math puzzle game based on Die Hard, I was hoping to add more levels and will probably come back to it after I have progressed more on the course however there is one level in here to try and solve.

Number Wizard – This is a simple higher or lower guess the number game where the number wizard attempts to work out your number based on guessing higher and lower.

Block Breaker – This is an Arkanoid/Breakout clone, there are only 3 levels at the moment however I am going to try and make several more before I start my next chapter.