Not a completion but…

So I am not going to talk too much about this one but I technically completed as much of it as I could so I might as well say something although it’s not going on the counter.

The game in question is Firewall Zero Hour. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a single player to this game, there is training and basic missions which allow you to play against AI defending objectives or assaulting them but to truly play the game you have to go online and play with other people and with me cancelling my Playstation Plus so I can’t actually do that and even if I did have that ability I don’t think there will be all that many people still playing it.

Gameplaywise it feels like it actually has potential, you have full control of your character as you do in my favourite Aim controller game, Farpoint, and you go up against a team of enemies in capture the flag scenarios where you are either defending a point or assaulting one. Alas one I won’t get to see much more of but still I enjoyed what I did see.

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