One week on

So it’s been a little over a week since my car was damaged by the gate blowing into the road things are finally starting to happen. I’ve been chasing my car bodywork guy to find out how much it would be to get it sorted and the big issue seems to have been the bumper, there are loads on eBay but they’re either fucked or don’t have the sensor holes for the parking sensor.

I’ve managed however today to find a bumper on eBay which while it has some damage, the damage is minor and better still it was just £150 and came with a replacement grill which I also needed so saved myself around £100 on what I expected the costs to be, even more useful is that the bumper has a couple of parking sensors still attached so I stand to gain those too which can run another £50 each. I am not sure if mine is damaged however there is a chip out of it so I will ask the mechanic if he can paint one to match the car and replace that too.

I’ve also got the muck guard off eBay for £40 so I just need a wing for the car now which the mechanic has said he will be able to get from Euro Car Parts for £90 + VAT so I should be able to get all the parts in or around £300. For the painting and the labour the mechanic has quoted £400 so all in all it will cost me around £700. It sucks but at least it is in hand and when the parts arrive it can finally get sorted and my baby can look it’s best once more.

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