Postman Jim #16

Way back in 2021 a community question by a wonderful YouTuber going by the name of Gull Payne started up again where people were asked to recommend 3 games for other people to play, as part of this Eddie, RollerxCore, recommended game Yoku’s Island Express on the Playstation 4.

Yoku's Island Express box

As I say this is a game that was recommended by Eddie and has been in my pile of games to play for a while and the 52 game challenge has given me an excuse to play through it. I have to say I did enjoy this one, the gameplay is a a little odd when you first start as it plays a little like a platformer but you quickly get introduced into the secondary aspect of the game which is a pinball game.

As you play through the game you start to unlock new abilities and powers which in turn allow you to access other areas of the areas you’ve already visited as well as new areas and these let you get to new abilities and so on and so forth.

From time to time the pinball aspects of the game get a little trying especially when you just can land the shot that you want to hit or you are trying to platform to the next area that just won’t happen for you but at the same time it drives you to get better, definitely a good recommendation from Eddie and one worth playing if you get chance.

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