Shining through #22

If you’d have guessed that my next game would be Life is Strange 2, you’d have probably been right had Game actually had the game in stock instead of the box for 2 and the game for 1 so having decided to continue with my Life is Strange binge, that left only one option, Life is Strange True Colours.

Life is Strange - True Colours PS5 box

Coming off the back of not only the disappointment I experienced in the original game, although the ending was hella good, yes I did, I wanted to go into the second game which would have taken me away from the Arcadia Bay area to a new set of characters however Game saw fit to fuck that up for me. So instead I went to the most recent offering in the franchise True Colours and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all.

You play as Alex Chen an orphan with a troubled past and who has the ability to see people emotions when they get absorbed in them and as the game progresses feel and understand the root cause of them even being able to take the emotion away from them to “help” them deal with their problems with a more rational mind.

The game starts off well enough, with you coming to a new town to reconnect with your brother who you were separated from as a child, he is going to put you up at his place and as the chapter progresses you meet the other people of the town and start forming relationships with them, using your powers to help them and make stronger connections, then there is a watershed moment where things start to go to pot.

You uncover a conspiracy and in a similar vein to the the first game start investigating to understand what is going on in the town with what appears to be a the big evil corporation.

As I mentioned you have this funky power which enables you to view people emotions as a coloured aura around them and if you reach out you can perceive the thoughts going through their heads to better understand them and even go into those thoughts to help them work through their problems.

While I managed to knock this one out in a little over a day, I did really enjoyed it, and it was almost on par with Before the Storm however I felt that the story there was something special and while this was no slouch the story from Before the Storm was simply superb. I think I’d have liked Alex’s guitar to feature a little more after the heart rending rendition of Creep at the start of the game and the strong musical themes throughout the game but you only really get to see her sing and play a couple of times, other than that and a missed opportunity around Gabes motives for being in Haven it was a great gaming experience and I can’t wait to get onto Life is Strange 2.

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