Some times, some crimes #33

Another nostalgia trip for me with this game, one I recall from my childhood but not one I think we had, possibly one that I played at a friends house or borrowed off a friend.

Rescue Rangers NES - Box Art

So as we are getting into the last two months of the 52 game challenge and I am struggling to get the numbers in as I am not really in a gaming space I have decided to have a look at a couple of the retro games that I have in the backlog as quite frankly they were designed for systems that didn’t have save states and so should be beatable relatively quickly and hopefully the nostalgia that they induced in me will get me wanting to play through more and more games and hit the 52 games albeit with around 9-10 weeks left and 19 games to go I am doubting my ability to bring it home.

Anyway Rescue Rangers is an infuriating platformer based on the Disney cartoon from the 80’s, you can choose to play as Chip or Dale when you start off the game and you have to work your way through various stages to rescue Gadget from Fat Cat. After each stage you get a bonus level where you can get a couple of extra lives if you’re fast and lucky enough which really helps you along the way and after finishing some stages Gadget gets in touch to give you hints on how to get through the next stages.

Most stages finish with a boss which imo were a bit too easy (other than Fat Cat who was a dick) and there are a couple of optional stages too where there aren’t bosses but are well worth doing for those bonus lives.

Overall once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed Rescue Rangers and much like Darkwing Duck, I spent way too much time singing along with the theme song of which I really only know the first couple of lines so was probably a little annoying for the cat 🙂

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