Spin That Wheel! #36

What a lot of people probably don’t know about me is that I really, really love gameshows, growing up as a child me and my siblings would of an evening, sit down to dinner and watch whatever our mum was watching, normally this would be soaps like Neighbors and Home and Away but every so often it would be Catchphrase, Bullseye and Wheel of Fortune, so when I went into this game I had high hopes!

Wheel of Fortune Box Art

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the game as the localisation to American sayings and phrases really made the puzzles difficult and it was quite often a fluke when I got the answers right. If you set the AI to easy the puzzles would go unsolved until the last couple of letters and even then the AI would often pick stupid letters rather than something logical.

Where the game excelled for me was that it made a great co-op game, I streamed the gameplay a couple of times to a friend and we played the puzzles together and between us we got them mostly right. I especially enjoyed the stupid answers we came up with when we didn’t have a clue.

The wheel was quite often not my friend to quote Ross in friends, when I was winning and knew the answer I would push for more points but in doing so I would hit the bankrupt or lose a turn space a lot more than you would think is possible given the other options available to you, you could argue that this tactic was my own fault and I should have just solved it but unlike the UK TV show, if you don’t solve the puzzle any points you have go down the drain so it really is all or nothing.

While I have focused a little on the bad I did enjoy the game and could happily sit for a few hours just playing through the puzzles.

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