Starforce Unicorn #29

Every time I come to write one of these of late it starts with me making excuses for not completing a game in what feels like forever and this one is no different, I started it what feels like a lifetime ago however recently I’ve been watching some old TV and as a result I don’t need to pay attention to it too much so I started playing my hand held again.

MegaMan Starforce Pegasus box

I have to admit that this is the first MegaMan game that I have ever completed however I did try this way back in the day on my R4 however I never actually beat it and back then I had my brother to customize by loadout to make it somewhat easier for me but call it ADD or just laziness but I didn’t really have completing in mind when I was playing games and never got to the end.

This time however I did make my way through the game and really enjoyed it, I am not sure what the differences are between this, Leo and Dragon however I suspect it is minimal which is a shame as it would be good to play more games like this card battler where you can customize decks by beating foes and earning new cards or by farming coins and getting them from the shop. I feel it would have been slightly better if there was some controlled over things like when you encountered the Ex bosses as there were a couple of hairy battles where I wasn’t ready or strong enough for the fights (mainly as I wouldn’t really change my loadout).

Gameplay is pretty straight forward in that you are positioned on a 3×3 grid and so are your opponents however you can only move left and right across the back line, you have the mega blaster which you can upgrade with weapons you find in the story which make it hit harder or even better changes the enemy drops so they are either always cards or always cash depending on your need this can be really helpful. You have a preset deck of 30 battlechips/cards and each of these give you abilities which hit much harder than your blaster i.e. in the start you blaster will hit for 1 hp but you can use a cannon card for 40 hp of damage. There are restrictions on how many cards you can take into battle and they get revised later in the game when you unlock a key power but for the most part combat is about dodging, blocking and parrying while utilizing the right cards to beat the enemies.

All in all I was happy with this one and while the story was not much deeper than a puddle it was a fun game to play and I’d like to see a modern take on it with bigger and better enemies and some quality of life improvements.

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