Strangers no more #25

Feeling like something a little more modern for my next game I decided to hit the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Origin, Stranger of Paradise.

I’ve heard a lot of negative things about this game, and even I had pretty much wrote it off based on the trailer that I saw however I have to say while the game was a little light on story it wasn’t too bad to play, the variety of jobs gave you something fun to try however I felt it was a little slow to level them up and by the time I had a beat the game I still had jobs to level so I never really got to a point where I was just playing as a job to get a fuller feel for it.

As I mentioned for me, especially with all the recent games I have played, the story was so very light, you’d get a 30 second cut scene at the end of most of the chapters and the odd longer one but for me I wanted and needed there to be a few medium story based scenes to get you invested in the characters, their motives etc.

There was a good amount of missions and side missions and for the most part by the end of each mission you were powerful enough to take on the next mission, more so when you found certain orbs in the levels you would also unlock other side missions, one of which was essential for the platinum on this game as it was possible to farm this at the highest difficulty for better equipment to then be able to take on the harder challenges.

Overall it was a fun game in my opinion but just missed the mark a little bit in a couple of places, it’s a good game where you can just switch off and play through with little thinking, puzzle solving and the like and seeing iconic Final Fantasy enemies like, Tonberrys, Cactaurs and Behemoths was great although the former two were hard as nails!

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