Super Progress #30

Continuing with the “momentum” having completed MegaMan Starforce on the DS I decided to try out another DS game that I recently picked up that being Super Princess Peach.

Super Princess Peach Box Art

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one but I have wanted to play it for a while as it’s an unconventional game in the series following Princess Peach as the hero and not Mario and Luigi. While Peach has been a playable character in other games this gives her to opportunity to take centre stage and be the hero.

The game feels very much like the 2D Mario games that have established the franchise and it feels very much in the vein of New Super Mario Bros DS just with Princess Peach. The game focuses around rescuing Mario and Luigi as well as many, many Toads. You have access to change peaches mood between Joy, Rage, Sadness and Calm, this is what separates the game from the other Mario games as each mood gives you the ability to perform certain actions which let you navigate the levels and and defeat foes.

Joy gives you the ability to create a whirlwind and fly, Anger allows you to start fires but also stomp on certain blocks and springs, Sadness makes Peach cry which in turn allows you to grow plants, freeze platforms and run fast… because reasons and finally calm allows you to heal (which I didn’t discover until the last stage). Combat is similar to traditional Mario games where you can jump on enemies however you also have a magic umbrella which you can use to attach enemies. Finally coins earned in the levels are used to purchase upgrades and special abilities like more health or the ability to shoot with your umbrella.

I was pretty impressed with the game for the most part however one thing that annoyed me a little was the platforming felt a little janky when using the analogue stick and not knowing what the calm ability did left me in a sticky situation several times but probably most annoying was the fact that having made my way to the final boss I was denied entry because I hadn’t saved all the Toads in every stage so then I had to go through each world picking up the missed ones however me being me I’d collected all but around 10.

The bosses were pretty straight forward and each one was preceded by a fun mini game, followed by a nice little helper block which gives you a hint on how to take on the boss which for the most part was useful, the latter bosses not so much but after having a go you can usually discern the pattern and get through on the next attempt or three.

One last thing that really shocked me was after the final boss you get a bit of story text which talks about mom using the vibe wand and being very happy… I honestly was taken aback.

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