The Devil Cries Some More #5

Following on from the completion of the first Devil May Cry, I turned my attention to the sequel, Devil May Cry 2.

Devil May Cry 2 box art

This was a game I remember loving back in the day, Capcom had some really strong PS2 titles such as Onimusha, Resident Evil and of course Devil May Cry, it’s for this reason that I was excited to play through the original DmC trilogy.

Unfortunately I don’t think I have retained the skill or expertise to play the games in this franchise that I feel I once had. Weapon upgrades and secret areas keeps the game interesting but for me this games true strength is that you can dip in and out of it as the levels feel like stages/episodes and you can knock a couple out in a sitting then turn it off for a while so you don’t get to a point you are overwealmed with the samey stages and combat.

I did manage to play through the game but it was a lot harder than I remember it being. I am going to finish the trilogy this year but for now I think I need a DmC break.

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