The List

Below is the list of things that have really annoyed me of late, having got the idea from a friend it seemed like a fun thing to do…

  1. Bus trips, even when you catch the right bus you seem to arrive late
  2. Forgetting to put a semi colon at the end of a function and it breaking the entire website
  3. The cat releasing live animals in my flat
  4. Sequels to movies that don’t need them
  5. Ticket inspectors/Nazis
  6. Being called a neck beard
  7. People who can’t do as they are told
  8. Red top milk – it’s not milk, it’s water lying about being milk
  9. Brown nosing
  10. The cat siting on the keyboard when I am trying to work/game
  11. People making out I am a crazy cat person, I have one cat and her name is Snarf not fucking Snuggles
  12. People who copy their boss into emails when they don’t get the response they want, I am not changing my mind because you taddled on me
  13. People who don’t know the difference between literally and figuratively
  14. McDonald’s having a restaurant next door to my office
  15. The NHS making snap judgements based on appearance
  16. Trains changing platforms 2 minutes before they are due to leave
  17. People who think it is acceptable to skip a queue by walking around the queue

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