Touch my what? #11

So having come off the back of a massive game like The Witcher I felt like something a little more laid back was needed and having aced Angry Birds Star Wars on the Vita I was really feeling the love for one of the most under appreciated handhelds on the market. As such I decided to play another of those games that I keep telling myself I want to play but then never get around to and as such chose Touch my Katamari.

Touch my katamari box

Going into this I really wasn’t sure what to expect, I remember visiting a friend down in Nottingham and he was raving about how good the Katamari games were but I hadn’t ever played one and the closest comparison I had was Knack on the PS4 and even then I am not sure that is an accurate game to compare it to.

That being said, I have both played and completed the game and really enjoyed it. There were levels which were more than a little annoying and the controls left much to be desired but it was still fun and when you finally crack a level and start absorbing everything in the level to make an epic Katamari it feels pretty good. The game has a very weird Japanese aesthetic and the King is a little annoying but I am very glad I played through it and found myself a little disappointed with the shortness of the game having beat it in just a few sittings.

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