VR in the summer months is a bad idea #27

I’ve probably mentioned this before but one of my favourite accessories for the Playstation VR is the aim controller so given the opportunity to use it I jump at it and so I did with the latest completion, Bravo Team.

Bravo Team Box Art

There’s a right way to do VR gun games and there is a wrong way and after playing this I think there is a middle ground, without labouring on and singing the praises of Farpoint too much, which was the greatest VR gun game I’ve ever played, this fell in to the middle ground.

The gameplay reminded me a lot of the Gears or War/Time Crisis games in that you move from action point to action point which worked fairly well however you can push a little further forward in a lot of cases than you should which gets you into trouble however the AI is brilliant… OK the AI is shit and will not help you much at all unless you fall, then there is a fair chance they’ll pick you up so you can carry on.

There is a good selection of weaponry and the aim controller is a dream for taking down the bad guys. I do feel that it’s missing a stealth element i.e. a silenced set of weapons so you can get your sneak on but from assault rifles to sniper, handguns to shotguns you have a good selection albeit you can carry only one at a time with your sidearm.

The story is pretty short but there is some repeatability in the game as there are a few outcomes on the last mission where you can follow what you are told to do or go rogue. I went through each of these and while the one ending I wanted to explore, taking vengeance on the person who got me into this warzone, the best ending seems to be the one where you do as you’re told.

Overall an enjoyable game and one I am glad I played but still a fair distance from perfect.

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