What a weekend

It’s been a while since I have thought to sit down and actually write a blog but this weekend has found me with time to sit down and think and in retrospect I think I want to externalise my thoughts, even if these never get published or read by anyone.

What happend?

Why was the weekend such a shit? Well it started with driving to collect my mum in order to take her shopping as I do every week but within 60 seconds of leaving the flat I was hit by a iron gate that was blown into the road by the wind as the people who were using the land hadn’t secured it after opening it.

This has done quite a bit of damage to the car which has understandably put me in a shit frame of mind as I am now worrying about having to pay for the damage to the car as the bumper is missing a chunk and the passenger side wing needs to be replaced.

Thankfully all may not be lost, the people who own the land have responded to me and said they will try to cover the costs if I could get quotes for them so fingers crossed it won’t impact (pun not intended) my insurance/pocket.

Mixed emotions

So following on from this I went to the Ashton Market sale where I found a pile of games the like of which I haven’t seen before on any car boot sale. There were PS1, PS2 and GameCube which I’ve hadn’t seen the likes of on a booter before. Below is the video if you’re interested in watching me blather on for 20 or so mins.

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