Kitty Kat Fables #13

It’s starting to feel like I am finding a decent pace having wrote a couple of these this week but I have managed to not only complete but platinum a second game this week, Kitaria Fables.

Kitaria Fables Box

Having only really seen the box for this I was interested and was hoping that this would be similar to Cat Quest and I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I was pleasantly surprised as the game felt better than Cat Quest, graphically it was better in my opinion and the combat felt a lot more fluid. I was a little disappointed with the UI in the PS5 version as the elements rendered off the screen and while you could scale the UI this simply served to increase the size of it and not reposition it in a place you could see it.

The game did feel a little short and I found myself wanting more and would have appreciated some more dungeons and areas to explore and while a unique twist I don’t think I enjoyed the lack of levelling system, progress was made by crafting better armour and weapons so you would take less damage and deal more but there were some points that I felt way too weak, especially with boss enemies just wandering the wild.

While I am being a bit critical of the elements that weren’t to my liking I did really enjoy the game and as with Guardians I couldn’t wait to get back into as soon as I finished work and would even play during my lunches. I would definitely recommend this game, a very solid pallet cleanser.

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