Toss a coin… #9

For the longest time now I have been putting off playing this game because I have been told it is a massive undertaking, and would take over 100 hours to complete it however I have been focusing on quantity as much as quality and have built a lead on the 4 or 5 games I need to clear a month to keep the pace for the 52 game challenge and so it was time to take on The Witcher 3.

The WItcher 3, box art

Having watched, and enjoyed the Netflix show I have been interested in getting into The Witcher games, I was tempted to give the second game on the 360 a go but ultimately decided to go for the most recent entry in the franchise and I have to say this was one of the best games I have played in a long time.

I struggled at first with the combat and the movement too but as soon as I got a feel for the game I felt like I was absolutely bossing the game, levelling was a little slow but again once I got used to it and hunted down the right equipment I was borderline unbeatable.

The map in the game was fantastic highlighting the points of interest and areas where I could fight monsters, find treasure or just progress the story. On the subject of the story the game had one of the best stories I have played through in a while, working as a witcher fighting monsters and helping towns and villages with their problems whilst hunting for your child of surprise, interacting with the characters in the story was so much fun especially those I had an understanding of through the show.

Before I get to the one bugbear I had with the game I would like to touch on the one part of the game I really think I am going to miss now I have beaten it, Gwent. Gwent is the game within the game, it’s a card game which you collect cards for by either buying them from the shops or beating other players in the game. There are powerful cards in the game too which you can get by beating key figures in the game and the cards themselves usually feature a key figure such as Geralts card which is a 15 power card compared the usual 6-10 power cards.

Finally the one thing I really didn’t enjoy, sailing, the boats felt slow, occasionally bug out where they move slower than swimming and the enemies in the sea are annoying too, they don’t feel like they’re important but when they attack they rip the ship to bits.

All in all the best game I’ve played this year by far and one I am going to miss but am looking forward to the forthcoming sequel.

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